Dodbiba Research Group (DRG) is always looking for talented and highly motivated students and post-docs to join the lab’s research efforts.

Group's Philosophy

Age quod agis

Latin Proverb; English equivalent: “Do well what you do“.


Members of the Dodbiba Research Group come from both inside and outside Japan, and the operating language in our group is, therefore, either Japanese or English. Weekly group meetings and social gatherings often involve a mixture of the two languages.

Our Members are expected to:

      • treat other group members with respect and dignity,
      • practice the execution of ethically responsible, sound, and well-communicated research
        • maintain a set of lab notes, including files of data. Note that lab notes should be sufficient to reproduce results without additional instructions.
      • actively participate and present in weekly group meetings,
      • participate in general group responsibilities (i.e., maintain common areas, attend outreach events, etc.),
      • have personal motivation, curiosity, and enthusiasm,
      • strive to be a critical thinker, i.e., ask questions and seek answers.
      • read and keep up with the published literature in order to understand what is novel and important in our area of research.

All group members are also expected to contribute toward making the lab a fun and safe place for scientific discovery and innovation. Note that with the freedom to pursue what interests you, comes the responsibility of being a committed and responsible member of the group.

Want to join Dodbiba Research Group?

Any student interested in joining the group should contact or email Assoc. Prof. G. Dodbiba :

  1. a CV (Curriculum Vitae), which should list the followings:
    1. the educational history,
    2. GPA, TOEFL, and GRE scores (if available), and
    3. any research or work-related experience;
  2. a statement expressing her/his interest, indicating:
    1. why she/he wants to join the group,
    2. why she/he believes that she/he is a good match for the group, and
    3. what she/he thinks that she/he can contribute to the group.

Any student interested in joining the group is also encouraged to read at least one publication produced by our group to get a sense of whether our research group is the right fit for her/him; (you can check our publications here). Reading our group’s publications is an essential first step in understanding the work done by our group members and may provide a platform for building her/his future research work.

Students wishing to join the group as a Ph.D. student, on the other hand, should typically:

  1. have an M.Sc./M.Eng. degree,
  2. have at least one first-author publication in an SCI-indexed peer-reviewed journal,
  3. have the willingness to conduct independent, interdisciplinary research,
  4. be highly motivated and interested in exploratory research, and
  5. have a diligent working attitude, including precise record keeping.

Read more!

To learn more about the Graduate Program or how to apply, please visit the Graduate Student Information Page of the Department of Systems Innovation, Admissions Information for Graduate School at the Graduate School of Engineering, or Prospectus for International Students, which provides information on UTokyo’s English-language degree programs, scholarships and other information relevant to international students.

Our department holds two on-campus Graduate Program Information Sessions. All information sessions begin with a briefing conducted by members of the Admissions Committee, where prospective students can learn more about our graduate program, requirements for admission, admission process, and degree requirements. At the information session, prospective students will also hear from current students and faculty members about academic life, academic advising, and research opportunities. There will also be time for individual questions.

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