Dodbiba Research Group (DRG) is interested in gaining a fundamental understanding of the behaviors of materials, minerals, solid wastes, and effluents in aqueous systems. The topics we study are highly interdisciplinary, working at the interface of physics, physical chemistry, and colloidal chemistry. In our lab, we carry out experiments and employ computer simulations to explore and develop environmentally-friendly chemical or physical processing methods and/or synthesize novel functional materials. We are particularly focused on improving efficiency and/or lowering the environmental burden of materials processing operations by using less energy and resources as well as reducing emissions.

Our approach

Our research covers many topics related to materials processing, from the extraction and recovery of critical materials from conventional or unconventional sources, to waste treatment for reuse and recycling as well as environmental remediation.

The aim of our work is to develop environmental-friendly and cost-effective technologies for:

  1. extraction of mineral resources;
  2. separation and recovery of secondary raw materials for reuse and recycling; and,
  3. environmental purification as well as waste management.


Physical and/or chemical processing of materials, Solid waste management, Resource recovery, Wastewater treatment, Environmental impact assessment, LCA

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