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52019年度・中国人留学生研究奨励賞授賞式 日中科学技術交流協会の「日中科学技術」会誌, N0.172, p. 3 2020年3月20日
4Japanese researchers estimate 16M tonnes of rare earth deposits in deep-sea mud off Japan; hundreds of years of supplyGreen Car Congress: Energy, technologies, issues and policies for sustainable mobility, April 11, 2018.2018
3University of Tokyo joins Massachusetts research consortium.Recycling Today, August 2, 2016.2016
2Researchers from University of Tokyo describe findings in minerals engineering.VerticalNews Engineering, April 28, 2010.2010
1What to do with a TV when it dies. New Scientist Magazine, Vol. 193, No. 2585, pp.21, 2007.2007
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