You are currently viewing 素材物性学国際会議(ICMR2021)


第9回素材物性学国際会議(ICMR2021) は、2021年10月21日(木)- 22日(金)にオンラインで開催しました。

Organizer: 日本素材物性学会


Several members of our group attended and presented at the conference.

1. Kazumi Otake, Yonggu Kim, Humio Sasaki, Ryuji Nagoya, Yuuki Nagase, Kyouhei Sukou, Gjergj Dodbiba: New Kinetics Model for Estimating the Grade of Minerals in Froth Fraction after Flotation of Complex Materials

2. Diana Laura Gomez Sanchez and Gjergj Dodbiba: Synergistic Solvent Extraction of Critical Elements from PCBs

3. Tatsuya Shiozuka, Yonggu Kim, Yutaro Takaya and Gjergj Dodbiba: A Novel Method for Evaluating Mineral Libation by Combining the Results of SEM-EDX and XRD Analysis

4. Yonggu Kim and Gjergj Dodbiba: A novel flowsheet design for treatment of waste electrical and electronic equipment by combining several physical separation models


5. Gjergj Dodbiba, Cheng-En Lee, Yonggu Kim, Toyohisa Fujita: Enrichment of Valuable Metals from Ferromanganese Cobalt-Rich Crust by Combining Enhanced Gravity Separation and Reverse Flotation


Congratulation to Diana L. Gomez Sanchez and Kazumi Otake, the recipients of the best poster award.

Very proud of them!